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Heidi Schröck!

Family, tradition and instinct for visions!

Simple and elegant lables express a woman’s self-perception, a familiy with a rich tradition from the popular wine town Rust. Schröck wines, traded as cult wines in the US and Scandinavia, derive from the best sites of the town. Less wine means better quality.

About the Wine Maker


Heidi has been walking on this path since 1983, which makes her a visionary and a pioneer in the contemporary Austria wine scene. In doing so she shaped the current image of the new wine maker – quality-conscious, international, looking forward. Excitement, patience, trusts, respect, skills and connectedness to the land, on which wine has been cultivated by her ancestors for 300 years – those are key elements for her success. She revived the Furmint – an old Hungarian grape variety – and specialties such as the Ruster Ausbruch, whose revival is of high importance to her, constitute her status in the demanding world of wine lovers. Robert Parker, publisher of Wine Advocate, rates her wines exceptionally high and Falstaff elected her wine maker of the year in 2003. Heidi Schröck shares a strong bond with her wines. Producer and product have a reciprocal relationship and give each other a distinct identity. The product is characterized not only by its quality, but also by its uniqueness. A good relationship with customers and engagement with those who value her wine are important factors of Heidi‘ work and attitude towards life. Careful work in the vineyard is of highest priority for the wine maker. It is not only the beginning of creation for her, but also an encounter with nature’s power and potential – as well as personal limits.

Heidi Schröck

Rathausplatz 8 | 7071 Rust | Österreich
T +43 2685 229